Whistles for Peace was founded solely to support the work of Mission to Heal. It works to raise awareness, teach and inspire youth, and raise funds to assist Mission to Heal in delivering and indigenizing health care in third world and developing nations.

Sudanese Girl

South Sudanese child

Dr. Glenn W. Geelhoed

Dr. Glenn W. Geelhoed

This South Sudanese child is wearing a dress sewn from donated pillowcase and she has a whistle necklace. It was the first new dress she ever owned and she was taught by Dr. Glenn Geelhoed how to blow the whistle. Within a few days of the photograph being taken, her village of Pibor was attacked and burnt to the ground by rebel forces. All the villagers had to run into the bush for safety. When this child ran into the bush, she was at least wearing a dress sewn by a woman at a kitchen table in a small American town. And she had a whistle to blow so that her family could find her. That is no small thing.

A Peace Conference was scheduled in Pibor, S. Sudan on the day of the attack. Dr. Geelhoed, founder of Mission to Heal, was scheduled to visit the U Headquarters and hospital; instead he found himself at the epicenter of war. When the bomb exploded in the marketplace and people scurried to safety, his first instinct was to remain where he might be able to be of service. Diving into his tent, he hunkered down for hours as he recorded the events and fumed over his inability to reach those in need. While this was a rare occurrence in his forty years of medical missions, it is emblematic of his commitment to healing, wherever or whenever the need.

Mission to Heal works to heal a wounded world through a combination of inspiration, education and medical care. Medical students and local health care workers learn it is possible to heal with limited resources in primitive conditions. No surgical procedure is performed without it being taught. No people are unreachable because they live in a remote part of the world. No learners are unteachable because of limited exposure to techniques and formal education. No mission participant is left unchanged forever.

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Healthy Pediatric Wing?

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A helping hand from one of the doctors


A question I am often asked: “So, how did you ever get involved with this Dr. Geelhoed and  Mission to Heal ?  If you are interested, here’s the answer.

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